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Information and connectivity are the oil flowing through the engine of your business and are essential to keeping everything running smoothly.  When both are flowing correctly, the performance machine that every owner and every employee depends on for their livelihood is ready to respond to any obstacle in its path with lightning responsiveness, frightening acceleration, gravity-defying cornering and the ability to stop safely on a dime.  But, like in any race, you are not on the track alone.  You are surrounded by adversaries, many of whom have no problem rubbing paint with you in an effort to see you go up in flames on a turn and taking for themselves that checkered flag you worked so hard day and night to achieve.  It can all happen so quickly that you never even see who buried you into the wall,  a faceless enemy leaving you with nothing more than a dream of what might have been and the twisted wreckage of your vehicle to success.  It’s only common sense that the safest place to keep these enemies on your quest for the winner’s circle, is at a safe distance in the rear view mirror.  We at Global Digital Forensics are here to help keep you on the track to victory.

In this age of digital information, the adversaries we are talking about have familiar names, seared into our consciousness as only Hollywood can do it on the silver screen, and in a tip of the hat to Hollywood, it is only fitting that it once again comes down to black hats versus white hats.  You’ve heard all about the black hats – hackers, crackers, cyber thieves, cyber terrorists, pirates, we’ve been on the edge of our seats watching them ply their trade with sometimes the most unthinkable consequences, from stealing company secrets or confidential client data, to creating an environment for hostile takeovers, from crippling our entire monetary system, to taking over our nation’s nuclear facilities, water supply and electricity grid.  As nightmarish as these things seem, don’t think for a moment that they are scenarios of the impossible, just the improbable, thanks to the vigilance of the good guys on our side – the white hats.  But, the means that cyber criminals use to exploit almost anyone in the virtual world DO exist, and unless you want to suffer the consequences of keeping your company completely isolated and totally severed from the outside world, you can also be a target, and a victim, of cyber crime.

Technology has transformed us into an interconnected species and allowed us to have the world at our fingertips.  It allows us to stay in touch with loved ones, do business, stay informed, share thoughts, ideas, pictures and videos, or even become part of a social network. It gives us complete access to one another at will.  We use computers, cell phones and PDAs without a second thought.  But, along with all the good things technology allows, there is the unfortunate truth that there are unsavory characters out there bent on doing harm, and they are smart, determined and skilled in their craft.  For some added clarity on the foes you face in the cyber world and the tools and methods they use, have a look at our Cyber Crime Glossary.

Global Digital Forensics has the experience you need to help you survive the virtual frontier. Whether the unthinkable has happed and you have already been a victim of cyber crime, or you simply don’t want to be the next, explore the tabs above or call us and see what we can do for you.

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