Advanced Persistent Threats

Staying on top in the world of business usually boils down to one thing, the way you handle and overcome developing threats to your business.   The actions you take in those perilous times will be what charts the course to either long-term success or disastrous  failure.  No matter how big, or how small, every business eventually will be tested, and in this digital age, those threats often leave digital footprints … and our team here at Global Digital Forensics are experts in helping businesses find them.

Top businesses are forged with ingenuity, savvy, good ideas and lots of hard work.  Unfortunately, there are those out there that want to steal your good ideas, thwart your ingenuity, and make gains of their own using your hard work instead of theirs.

If there is one scourge in the world of digital information that should be put on a pedestal above all others, it is art of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).  It is not a stretch to call it an art because the groups behind APTs have their finished work well planned and formed in their minds before a finger is ever lifted.  They know precisely want they want to achieve and they will continue chipping away at the marble until their vision is realized, whether that vision is stealing intellectual secrets, gaining access to sensitive client information … or worse.

What compounds this particular threat is the methodical uniformity and tenacity with which the deed is performed.  We are not talking about some lone, pimple-faced genius sitting behind a glaring monitor that spends their days poking around random, foreign systems looking for some forgotten backdoor to another playground for them to have some fun in or achieve personal gain, we are talking about sophisticated, coordinated attacks on your business’ digital information that are performed by well funded teams that don’t have to worry about consequences, as the entities that are pulling the strings and setting the objectives are many times officials from foreign governments themselves. Some are rogue nation-states, some are international powerhouses like China, but all are eager to gain access to your company’s digital circulatory system to steal intellectual secrets, or disrupt and/or infect the digital information that is most precious to you for their own advantage.

Even the most advanced IT departments could easily have their hands full in a flash if the cross-hairs of an Advanced Persistent Threat lands on your business or government agency, because as the name implies, the attack will be as advanced as necessary, with funding being no limitation, it will be persistent and will not cease until their objective is realized, and it is a threat that could make your company or government agency vulnerable to outside influences on many fronts.  APTs are, by design, intended to give an enemy to your business, or even enemies of our nation, the upper hand going forward, using your hard work and ingenuity to serve their own agenda without regard to the detriment it will cause to you.

With our proven methods of penetration testing and forensic background, we can help stop, identify and prosecute the parties responsible.  While clearly the prosecution step is probably not in the cards when it comes to being the target of cyber terrorist groups from places like North Korea or Al Qaeda, identifying and stopping them in their tracks is still obviously paramount.

Here at Global Digital Forensics, we have proven methods to help you fight back and secure your digital property and intellectual secrets from being cyber-heisted.

At GDF, we have the skills, know-how, tools and personnel to help you fight back and keep your business from being victimized by the nightmares of cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, digital theft, malicious hackers and a multitude of other threats that are all very real and all very dangerous to your success.  Being behind the times in this digital arena, could very well end up costing you dearly, but it doesn’t have to.

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