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E-DEFENSE Full Service Security SolutionsIf you set aside natural disasters and other acts of God, one of the fastest ways a business can be decimated in our interconnected society, is to be victimized by a data breach.

Everything that’s bad for business can be wrapped up in a breach, financial loss, regulatory enforcement headaches, staggering litigation costs, and perhaps the hardest of all to overcome, loss of integrity and trust.

Global Digital Forensics has evolved through almost three decades of dealing with Electronically Stored Information (ESI.)  In that time, we have been on the front lines with some of the largest companies on the planet, dealing with virtually every kind of digital nightmare scenario you can imagine. We’ve helped identify and expose countless cyber intrusions and assisted in extinguishing the ensuing data breach wildfires of all sizes. One unfortunate fact that continually surfaces in any post-breach Crisis Response & Containment job we are called in for, is that with a proper structure and plan in place, the breach probably would not have occurred at all and in the rare cases it may have still occurred, like through a zero day exploit, the fallout would have been far less severe and costly.


We have developed a prevention-inclusive rapid response program that finally addresses both sides of the coin concerning costly data breaches, putting Proactive Breach Prevention Solutions AND lightning fast Crisis Response Teams together under the same roof for your continued success and peace of mind.  Best of all, GDF’s vast experience in the digital marketplace enables us to flat rate each project, making adherence to corporate budgets easier than ever before.

How does E-DEFENSE work?

Step 1 – Risk Assessment

It starts with a risk assessment of your organization with an eye on the big picture and gathering the information we need to tailor a program specially suited to your needs. We analyze your IT resources, intellectual property concerns and map your threat landscape.  Are there regulatory compliance issues involved? Is litigation anticipated and/or imminent? Have employees been trained in even basic data security fundamentals? Is there a feasible and coherent plan in place should a breach or intrusion occur which can be immediately and effectively implemented to contain the damage?  What measures are currently in place?  And much more.

We’ve seen far too many times how one-size-fits-all approaches can lead to grievous oversights and a false sense of security, which often tends to lead to reckless procedures and behavior which can have the exact opposite effect of what you were trying to achieve in the first place. When it comes to cyber security, the devil is indeed in the details, and details are our domain.

Step 2 – Securing your data

The next step is to design a secure perimeter as well as a segmented infrastructure designed to protect critical assets and information targets.

Step 3 – Design and document a risk management policy

It is essential that everyone involved in managing or accessing digital data be on the same page from a security and response standpoint.  When one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, especially in a crisis, the lack of coordination can quickly spell trouble.  A detailed risk management policy that connects the dots and lays out the procedures to be followed for everyone involved is imperative.  One of the greatest advantages of choosing GDF to implement an E-DEFENSE program, is that we are also experts in incident response, which is essential to meeting regulatory requirements and successfully responding to the inevitable.

Step 4 – Monitoring

Vigilance is a key ingredient to safeguard against data ex-filtration from insider and outsider threats. By designing a robust monitoring and prevention infrastructure, we help you put that infrastructure in place, allowing your vigilance to be effective and responsive.

Step 5 – Crisis Response

 In a perfect world, once you’ve taken steps to protect yourself, threats shouldn’t exist and intrusions should never occur.  But the digital frontier is a brutal and evolving place that is unfortunately far from perfect. Even the most secure assets can get compromised by new or unknown exploits and attacks, or by a “trusted” user with legitimate access to your data (Wikileaks anyone?) The key is being ready for it. A solid response plan to stop the leak quickly and respond to affected assets (clients, employees) is critical.  Businesses with solid response plans can and do recover from breaches, and they are also the ones prepared to stand up and respond to regulators, their clients and the public.

The choice should be simple, you know what you have to lose! So call toll free 1 (800) 868-8189 and let GDF tailor an E-DEFENSE plan just for you, right now, today!

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